Delivery Policy

We want to deliver your goods to you as quickly as we possibly can

For security purposes, all orders are subject to review – these include all payments and shipping prices, as well as payment verification, including credit card, PayPal, etc. The order may take a while to process, and hence there may be a delay before your order is processed, so do be patient, we apologize for any inconvenience caused meanwhile, which is rarely the case.

All orders are non-refundable, these include shipping charges, order charges and miscellaneous. Business days are limited to Monday through Friday, and do not include any weekends or holidays. Free shipping is offered on specific orders over a certain amount; please do check the catalog for more details. Gift cards are separately sent from the items. There is no shipping charge on gift cards.

There may be cases where the shipping may consist of multiple packages on the same addresses, where the shipping cost will only be applied to a single shipped item, and the rest will be delivered with no shipping charges. We cannot ship to multiple international addresses having the same order. In order to ship to multiple addresses, please place multiple orders.

There may be cases where we would not be allowed to ship the product, for which we would like to apologize in advance. There may be certain items which would not be allowed for shipping. There may be a minimum delivery charge, under which the delivery would not be placed.

When an international order is placed, there may also be an international processing fee. This is subject to customs, duties, foreign charges, and may vary according to the country shipped to. Therefore we do not guarantee any particular price for foreign orders.